New Doubles strategy! Expiration time 10 minutes

Today I have prepared some other strategy for you, that works with Meta Trader 4. Y’all volition need indicators and a template which you can download here. If y’all do not know how to utilize indicators and tempates with MT4, utilize this guide.

It is of import to proceed a trading platform open, so the trades are opened as quick equally possible. Do non forget to read the comments at the bottom of the page!

Doubles is a unproblematic strategy based on the principle of reocurring tendencies of the direction of price evolution. In the last few days, I had quite good results with it.

If MT4 reports “Error. DLLs are disabled. To enable, select Permit DLL Imports in the Common Tab of indicator“, follow these instructions: Right-click anywhere on the graph > Indicator list (or Ctrl + I) – Select P4L Clock> Edit – On the General tab check Allow DLL Import> OK> Close – Close and reopen MT4.

How to setup the nautical chart

  • 5-minute timeframe
  • DoublesStrategy template

When to choose

Phone call

 with expiration date of

10 minutes

  • The previous candle closed between the lower green and purple Bollinger curve.
  • The by candle did non accept the lowest bespeak beneath the green Bollinger curve.
  • MACD chart is pointing upwardly.

When to choose


with expiration date of

10 minutes

  • The previous candle closed between the upper green and purple Bollinger curve.
  • The by candle did not have the highest point higher up the green Bollinger bend.
  • MACD chart is pointing downward.
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What does it wait like?

DoublesStrategy - binary options strategies

Downloading indicators and templates

Download here

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Brokers for the strategy must offering trading options with expiration appointment of
exactly 10 minutes.

Comments on trading

  • Enter the trade equally soon as possible after the candle, which meets the requirements mentioned above, closes (the time to end of the candle is correct side by side to it)
  • For conservative traders: Practice not enter trades against the direction of the long-term tendency.
  • Again, you lot need to use mutual sense and, if the marketplace does non await like turning (eg. rapid descent, or fast pitch), do not enter the trade.
  • We recommend trading simply between ix:00AM to 4:00PM London time
  • It is best to trade when the market is stagnating.
  • It is again simply a strategy to learn the beliefs of the market. Better get an guess of market direction using technical assay!


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