3 Candle Binary Options Strategy

iii Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4

Table Of Contents:

  1. 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4
  2. Primal indicators used in this system
  3. Functions of the indicator

    1. Envelope indicator
    2. Forex MT4 System
    3. Stochastic indicator
    4. CI arrows
  4. The long trade setup sequence

    1. Stop loss
    2. Have profit
  5. The short trade setup sequence

    1. Stop loss
    2. Accept profit
  6. three Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 – Useful advice
  7. three Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 – Determination

Please notation: This strategy was publicly published in the trading community and is complimentary to use. We do NOT brand an attempt to decide if this strategy is assisting or not, because we know that the major factors regarding trading results are the skills/experience of the trader who executes the strategy. Therefore, we are mainly explaining the components and rules of the strategy. If applicable, we are highlighting advantages, disadvantages and possible improvements of the strategy.

3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4

is peculiarly created to trade on the time frame M1 and tin therefore be used for trading binary options with an expiry time of 60 seconds. Nevertheless, if you become comfortable with this system, you lot may employ this strategy to merchandise M5 and M15 time frames.

The strategy uses three indicators to calculate the entry signals and the execution of the rules is quite easy to learn. The names of the indicators are Envelopes, ForexMT4 Cycle Indicator (is a repainting indicator), Stochastic oscillator.

The bike indicator works with repainting values but according to the inventor of the strategy, the repainting is not a trouble because the rules require to wait for 3 candles after the cycle indicator gave a betoken. Signals that are still drawn after the three candles closed will stay forever and practice no longer repaint. The 3 candle waiting period gave the strategy its name. Now let’s dive into the details.

Cardinal indicators used in this system

  1. Envelope indicator
  2. Forex MT4 System
  3. Stochastic indicator
  4. CI arrows

Chart setup with the 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4

Functions of the indicator

The indicators used in this arrangement have a much-diversified apply. Unless yous are well aware of its office, it is will exist hard to make the correct conclusion. For instance, the reading from the stochastic indicator can be used in multiple ways. And so, if you know its multiple uses, taking the trades in the lower fourth dimension frame will be much easier.

Envelope indicator

The envelop indicator is formed based on the upper and lower period. The default menstruum is prepare to eight and y’all should non have any major trouble in determining the support and resistance level while analyzing the major and minor currency pairs.

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Input settings in the envelope indicator

However, if intend to trade cross pairs or index, you may take to use a higher period in the settings. But in that case, you should test the performance of the indicator while using the new settings.

Forex MT4 System

The Forex MT4 is a simple tool that creates colored spikes on the negative and positive sides of the indicators. Based on the colored spikes, you should be able to analyze the quality of the trade signals. Unremarkably, spikes beneath the zippo line indicate a bullish reversal, and spikes above the reference line indicate bearish momentum.

Stochastic indicator

The stochastic indicator is a very popular tool used to find the overbought and oversold land of an nugget. When the signal line is trading higher up the lxxx lines, yous should be expecting a drop in the price as the asset is trading in the overbought zone.

Analyzing the reading in the stochastic indicator

On the reverse, if the betoken line is trading beneath the fourscore lines, expect for buying opportunity. Note that the slope of the bespeak line also gives us of import information regarding the direction of the tendency. If the slope is positive, look for buying opportunity. If non, information technology is better to look for the short trade setup.

CI arrows

The CI arrows describe a simple colored pointer which gives us the indication regarding the bullish and bearish reversal point. The green arrow beneath the candlestick suggests that the price might go higher. On the reverse, a red pointer higher up the resistance level gives us the indication that the price is about likely to autumn.

The long merchandise setup sequence

The 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 is a very frail trading method as it deals with lower time frame information. To eliminate the minor mistakes, yous take to be careful with the key steps mentioned in this guide. To make things easier, nosotros are going to highlight the critical conditions for sequentially taking the long trades.

Weather condition to execute the long trade

  1. Select an nugget that is already in a bullish tendency. Equally a new user of the 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4, we suggest you pick major currency pairs.
  2. The price should enter within the lower band of the envelope indicator and take a bullish candle. A candle having a higher endmost than its opening price is chosen a bullish candle.
  3. At the Forex MT4 system cycle indicator, you lot should see a blue color fasten on the negative side of the reference line. The blueish spike gives us the indication that the cost is set to motion upwards.
  4. Check the readings in the stochastic indicator. The position of the stochastic betoken line should exist in the oversold zone. And the slope of the point line should be positive.
  5. Bank check the economic news calendar and make certain that in that location is no loftier-touch on news in the upcoming 15 minutes.
  6. One time yous have analyzed these essential factors, y’all should exist able to execute the short trade. But do non take more than 2% adventure, because if y’all exercise and then, y’all might have to face problem in dealing with the losses.

Execution of the long merchandise

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Stop loss

The stop loss should exist placed below the lower ring of the envelope indicator. Those who are skillful at analyzing the bullish cost activity confirmation signals should place their stop by using the candlestick patterns.

Take profit

The take profit needs to be determined based on your SL price. Effort to use the nearest resistance level as your take profit zone. And those who will accept the trades based on the expiry period, need to evaluate the chance so that they can maintain a ane:2 risk to reward ratio.

The short trade setup sequence

Dealing with the options market based on the 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 might seem an like shooting fish in a barrel task. But in this segment, we will evidence you the exact fashion to deal with the critical information in the 1 infinitesimal and 5-minute time frames. If you lot manage to follow these instructions properly, you should have trouble taking the put options.

Weather to execute the short trade

  1. Selection a major currency pair that is already in a potent downtrend. And make sure that there is no high-impact news scheduled in the next 30 minutes.
  2. The price should enter inside the envelope channel and form a nice bearish candlestick design. The gradient of the envelope aqueduct should be negative.
  3. At the Forex MT4 cycle indicator, expect for a ruby fasten higher up the reference line aught. The reddish spikes represent the force of the sellers.
  4. At the stochastic indicator, y’all should see the signal line is trading at the overbought zone. But you have to await till the slope of the signal lines turns negative.
  5. If you lot intend to trade in the 1-minute time frame, look till the signal line falls below the 80 lines. If it’s to a higher place the 80 lines, y’all even so should non take the merchandise.
  6. Later on checking these important parameters, y’all should be able to accept the short trades with strong confidence.

Execution of the short trade

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Stop loss

Professional currency traders should set their stop loss above the tail of the bearish candlestick pattern. In case the 5 minute time frame is used, the SL can be set above the envelope upper band. But those who will trade the options market, need to select a trade with an death period of 60 seconds.

Take profit

The option traders need to evaluate the take profit based on their pale amount. The minimum hazard to advantage ratio for the trades should exist better than 1:two. And those who will apply the 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 to trade without whatever expiry menstruum, should aim for a one:3+ run a risk to reward ratio.

3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 – Useful advice

The 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 provides strategic steps to execute the trades in the marketplace. As a new trader, following the key sequence mentioned in this article might exist a little tough. That’southward why information technology is better to learn the proper function of the tools in the paper trading account.

While using the paper trading account, you may non feel comfy with the concept of 60 2d expiry menses. In that case, yous might endeavour to trade in the higher time frame and evaluate the results. If you lot feel more comfortable with a higher time frame, merchandise simply in the higher time frame.

3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 – Conclusion

Smart traders are very expert at managing their run a risk contour. Just considering you know the essential steps of this 3 Candle Binary Options Trading Strategy For MT4 doesn’t mean you will never lose any merchandise. Losing trades are inevitable and you should ever be prepared to accept the losses. And keep the risk factor beneath ane% of your account balance to go on your fund prophylactic.

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