3rd Candle Binary Option Strategy

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Time Frame 15 min or higher.

Binary options Strategy Rules

1. Find the third candle

2. Enter your merchandise at the commencement of the 3rd

candle and wait that candle closed.

-Place the current trend.

(For example: employ 50SMA or 100sMA to

identify the current trend. If the price is to a higher place

the SMA – the current trend is upwardly or opposite)

You lot may also use a Stochastic indicator with

parameters v.3.iii to filter your trades. If the

direction of the stochastic is opposite of your 1st

and 2nd candles it is better not to trade at that

moment and await for the next “1st candle figure”.

-Open a lx min chart or other time Frame and find the “first


The Start Candle” is between two

candles, and it is the highest or the lowest of

those 3 candles.

Look at the chart beneath:

3° Candle Binary options strategy
3° Candle Binary options strategy

The 1st candle is located between two candles

and it is the highest (or lowest ) of the 3.

-Now if you wait to the right of the 1st candle is

the 2d candle and the next is the third candle –

the about important for us. This system based

on the tertiary candle.

Bynary options Strategy
Bynary options Strategy

3° Candle Binary options Strategy
3° Candle Binary options Strategy

If look on your chart you will encounter a lot of “three

candles figures” and all of them are bang-up

trading opportunities!

3° Candle Binary options Strategy
3° Candle Binary options Strategy

When not to trade

– exercise not trade 1 hour before and after

major news or large events

– when the 3rd candle is confronting the current


– when the second candle closes “inside” the

1st candle:

3 Candle Trading System
3 Candle Trading System

This as well a
scalping organization
( 3° Candle Scalping system) with this exit setup:

Take profit

Your target is 10 pips. You can too try to utilize a

abaft stop lodge to maximize your profit.

Stop loss

Stop loss needs to be placed higher up or below

the second candle: If you lot Buy – place a stop ane

pip below the 2nd candle, if y’all SELL – place a

finish 1 pip to a higher place the 2d candle.

Fourth dimension frames

Scalping system
can be used with college fourth dimension frame.

In this case make certain to set your take profit

target more than 10 pips.

Share your opinion, can assist anybody to understand the Binary strategy.


iii candles

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