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Free Binary Options Software with User Customization

BinaryOptionsRobot is one of the kickoff binary options software systems to provide users with an entirely web-based interface that allows for more user control than other software. Traders can set their own risk levels and make other adjustments to fit their style. These features give the software a score of 85/100. More of the binary options brokers whose platforms work with this software allow the use of bonuses in the trade process, attracting a score of lxx/100. Customer back up is provided to users of the software via live chat, e-mail and phone, but prospects and visitors are only allowed the use of the contact form. This is why a score of 70/100 is applied. Then there is the effect of what can be traded. For offer trades on the Call/Put trade blazon, a score of eighty/100 is applied. Generally speaking, the BinaryOptionsRobot has skillful ratings among its peers in the industry.


BinaryOptionsRobot which is an automatic algo robot that tin can trade on the user’south behalf  is able to offer traders i thing that most other robots cannot: the ability to suit settings to fit the trader’s style and risk appetite. Many other robots just trade without the user having any input as to how the robot works. Why should a trader supply the money and yet not be able to determine how the money is put to work? BinaryOptionsRobot addresses this problem.

Visitor Information

BinaryOptionsRobot is a binary options robot software developed in 2016 by a Europe-based company. It was congenital to trade Telephone call/Put trade types in the binary options market place. The BinaryOptionsRobot software has a provision which allows for a choice to be made out of 5 trading strategies, with each strategy built with several indicators to friction match the user’south risk appetite. The strategies are:

  • Wise Growth Strategy
  • Perfect Pitch Method
  • High Yield Systems
  • Capital Gain Cue
  • Order Flow

Once the software is activated, it becomes possible to arrange the settings to whatever of these listed parameters.

BinaryOptionsRobot works on the platforms of the following brokers:

  1. RBOption
  2. Interactive Choice
  3. Cherry Merchandise
  4. No1Options
  5. 24Option
  6. Bloombex Options
  7. ZoomTrader

Assets bachelor

BinaryOptionsRobot is built to merchandise the Call/Put option on asset types which are distributed beyond several asset classes. The software trades on the platforms of several brokers. Therefore, the asset listing on the platforms of these brokers is what traders are served with. This is the asset listing from one of the brokers:

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Equities: IBM (The states), MICROSOFT (United states of america), APPLE (US), CITI (US), COCA COLA (US), GAZPROM (Russian federation), HSBC HOLDINGS (LONDON), LUKOIL (Russia), NIKE (US), SBERBANK (RUSSIA), TATA MOTORS (INDIA), TESCO (Britain), AMAZON (United states), GOOGLE (U.s.), FACEBOOK (U.s.), TWITTER (US), EBAY (US), ALIBABA (Usa), MCDONALDS (United states), WALT DISNEY (US).

Indices: BOMBAY SE, DAX (GERMANY), DOW (United states of america), DUBAI, FTSE 100 (UK), HANG SENG, Kuwait GENERAL INDEX, MICEX 10, NASDAQ (US), NIKKEI 225 (Nippon), RTS, S&P 500 (U.s.a.), SSE 180 (SHANGHAI STOCK Commutation), TADAWUL, TEL AVIV 25, TOPIX.


Commodities: Oil, Gold, Silvery, Platinum, Wheat, Coffee, Saccharide.

Bonuses & VIP programs

In order to apply the BinaryOptionsRobot offer, the trader must choose one out of 2 account types. These are:

  1. Regular account
  2. VIP account

The account type you have, volition determine the features of the robot that are accessible to yous, as well every bit the level of support from the customer service that you go. VIP account is provided to all beginners with the BinaryOptionsRobot service and is available for one month thereafter. Traders will and then exist able to continue using the VIP account status on fulfillment of sure atmospheric condition as mandated past the account managers.


BinaryOptionsRobot is optimized to operate on mobile devices. Autonomously from being able to use the robot interface on a smartphone or tablet device, the software can be used on the mobile apps of the diverse binary options brokers whose platforms are used in the trading process. This makes BinaryOptionsRobot a very good option when it comes to mobile trading.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In order to employ the BinaryOptionsRobot robot or app, the trader must make a minimum deposit of $250 into a trading account that is to be opened with whatever of the brokers listed above. Each broker has its own unique system of accepting deposits and effecting withdrawals. Some of the pop methods of transaction are every bit follows:

  • Credit carte du jour/debit card: This provides an firsthand deposit for the BinaryOptionsRobot to work on. Information technology is not available to all traders as some countries do not have access to this option. Also, the private brokers stipulate who tin use credit/debit cards and who cannot.
  • The bank wire transfer method takes between 3-seven days for funds to clear. This is a secure method, simply does non make funds immediately available for the BinaryOptionsRobot to merchandise. It is bachelor to all users and has the advantage of not having whatever limits to what amounts tin can be transferred or withdrawn.
  • E-wallet options: The digital wallets available to users volition depend on what each banker offers. For instance, Bloombex Options permits its traders to deposit and withdraw with Skrill. Recently, Qiwi, iDeal and Yandex Money were added as one of the methods that could be used on some of the uniform brokers.
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Here is a list of the minimum deposit amounts in the various base currencies that feature on BinaryOptionsRobot.

  • USD – Dollar: $250
  • EUR – Euro: €250
  • GBP – Great British Pound: £250

Subsequently signing up with the broker and making the eolith (minimum of $250), the BinaryOptionsRobot software can be adjusted to any of the four hazard settings mentioned earlier, then switched on for trading.

Client support

Customer support on BinaryOptionsRobot is a bit discriminatory. The only client support channel bachelor to prospects and visitors is an online contact class. However, those who have subscribed to use BinaryOptionsRobot are provided with an e-mail accost and a phone number.

In terms of the quality of client support on BinaryOptionsRobot, the verdict is but at par with industry standards.

Binary Options Robot Account

Extra features and resource

BinaryOptionsRobot presents some extra features non usually found on other binary options robots. Some of these are listed below.

  1. BinaryOptionsRobot comes to traders free of charge.
  2. You can choose your own gamble management settings. This will command how the robot trades on your business relationship.
  3. A new feature is the ability to follow the squad on social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).


In terms of performance, BinaryOptionsRobot performs improve than almost other robots in this market. This is in no small mode related to the fact that traders are able to adjust the settings to lucifer what they want on their accounts.


  • BinaryOptionsRobot provides the trader with sound alerts of when a point is detected.
  • BinaryOptionsRobot comes with an automated trading characteristic, also every bit a signals-only feature (which requires manual confirmation and execution).
  • BinaryOptionsRobot uses more often than not European union-regulated binary options platforms.
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  • The only style to contact the BinaryOptionsRobot team is via the online contact form. This is too restrictive and does not let for personalized customer service; something that today’due south binary traders desire.


What are the frequently asked questions that users and prospects may take about the BinaryOptionsRobot software. Here they are:

  • Is BinaryOptionsRobot bachelor to U.s.a. traders?

BinaryOptionsRobot is not available to Us traders.

  • Is BinaryOptionsRobot available to Canadian traders?

BinaryOptionsRobot was recently made available to Canadian traders.

  • How much do I demand to pay to use BinaryOptionsRobot?

The BinaryOptionsRobot software is free to employ. You only demand to make an initial deposit of $250 with one of the listed brokers. You fund and withdraw your profits as the software works on your business relationship.

  • Is BinaryOptionsRobot legit?

BinaryOptionsRobot is legit, and likewise optimized to work with platforms of regulated binary options brokers.

  • I am a beginner. Tin can I use BinaryOptionsRobot?

You do not demand to be an experienced binary options trader to use this software. Set the risk level that you are comfortable with so you lot can attain the best trading results.

  • Do I demand to download whatever software?

BinaryOptionsRobot doesn’t require any downloads, or plug-ins. It runs from your web browser.

  • Can BinaryOptionsRobot trade if I am offline?

BinaryOptionsRobot only trades when you are online.

  • Does BinaryOptionsRobot have a mobile app?

Yes, Binary Options Robot Mobile App is available for Android on the Google Play Store.

  • How do I place a trade with BinaryOptionsRobot?

You tin can use the Auto Trade Approval setting to accept or pass up the merchandise that pops upwards on your dashboard, thus giving you absolute control over your business relationship.


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