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Options Trading Excel Template #1 : ATR

One of the most common question I get from traders I bus in my discord room is the following:

How To Calculate The Strike Price of an Option?

What Is ATR in Stock Trading?

ATR stands for Average True Range.

This means that how much does a stock motion in average each day betwixt its highest price and its lowest toll.

Why is that important for trader ?

Considering it helps measure the expected move each day.

Why is ATR important for 24-hour interval Traders?

The average True range is a great indicator for 24-hour interval traders because it helps us measure the aamplitude of a move.

Hene we can make up one’s mind if a stock a likely to motility more in which case we can enter, stay or get out our day trades.

Some traders tin can employ the average True Range as their chief indicator for Trailing Cease in the Trailing Stop ATR technique.

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ATR Template To Calculate The Strike Price Of an Option

If you happen to be looking for the Answer to this question, then I have an like shooting fish in a barrel method for yous.

It involves using the Average True Range (ATR) of the stock or instrument you are trading.

This pace-past-step short video volition guide you through this process.

To follow along, please download the
Option Trading Excel Template
featured in the in a higher place video.

Options Trading Excel Template # 2: Trading Periodical Download

If you are serious about trading or investing, a trading Journal is the ultimate manner to measure out your results.

What Is an Choice Trading Spreadsheet Periodical?

This is only a trading diary where yous tape your options trades.

Some of the items I like to track are:

  • The specific stock I traded
  • The strategy that led to this trade | Very of import!
  • The date I opened the trade
  • The date I closed the trade
  • How many contracts I traded? | Good to Know my Risk
  • How much % Gains or Loss I made on each trade

Free 2022 Options Trading Spreadsheet for Download

How To Apply Options Trading Spreadsheet Journal

My very useful options trading spreadsheet is already all built.

All you have to do is to record your daily trades using the drop-down menus.

My recommendation is to exercise this at the end of the trading day each dark so that you do not accept to remember later one what the trades were.

So what I like to do is to practise quarterly comparison of the different options strategies we trade in our 10-Baggers Trading System.

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When you have enough entry (to a higher place 30 or so), you can create a pivot tabular array to get great insights into your trading strategies performance.

Complimentary Options Trading Spreadsheet For Download

If like me, yous desire to know which strategies perform the best so that you tin can invest more into those, and so this automated options trading Excel Template is right for you.

Download My Options Trading Journal Excel Spreadsheet beneath.

How To discover Bang-up Options Merchandise For your Spreadsheet

In 2022 and beyond, you should leverage consequent proven options trading strategies like my ten-Baggers Trading Organization to utilise on your Spreadsheet.

Do not just take my work for it.

Check out my YouTube channel and the 10-Baggers Playlist traders in my Discord room take regarded since 2002.

Slideshow of Recent g% Profit Trades in My Options Trading Discord Room


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