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anti-martingale money management

Coin management is something y’all need to be familiar with in order to become a successful trader. You will detect many unlike strategies to choose from. It is a good idea to go the cognition and so decide what suits all-time your needs and possibilities.

Today, I wish to nowadays the anti-martingale system, which, equally the name indicates, is somewhat reverse to the Martingale money management. You might take heard about the latter. If not, check the article about money direction strategies.


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    Trading with the anti-martingale system on the IQ Option platform

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The basics of the anti martingale arrangement

Let’south first remind you what the Martingale money management is virtually. Basically, it says that you ought to invest more than money later on you lost a merchandise. Also, you should decrease the invested corporeality in example your transaction was successful.

The anti-martingale strategy rules are the opposite. In the case of a lost transaction, you go to the first and get-go again from the corporeality you have started with. But so, you double the invested amount after the winning transaction.

In general, the anti-martingale money management will presumably earn a bit smaller turn a profit than the Martingale. On the other hand, it is also less risky when compared to the Martingale. Your initial amount is at take chances in a trade sequence and you lot simply use earned money to increase position size.

Trading with the anti-martingale system on the IQ Pick platform

Utilise the anti-martingale coin management when you trade binary options on IQ Option. Remember, even so, to follow a few simple rules.

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  • Runway your win Rate with Trade-logger
  • The asset is minimum an 80% Payout
  • Set your Maximum loses in i mean solar day
  • Max 5% of account Balance

Then how does information technology work with binary options? Well, first you have to decide how big volition be your investment. Let’south have $10 at the start. And so, with a proper analysis of the market place, you enter a long or short merchandise.

If yous lose, you enter the adjacent time with the corporeality of $ten.

If you, all the same, win, you will add the profit to the invested corporeality and put an almost double amount of money in the side by side move.

Let’due south encounter how it looks on the exemplary table.

Example of a 200 USD account.

Based on 80% Render.

Merchandise Number:



Average win charge per unit



piece of cake




























Your capital is $200. You lot make your assumptions about the direction of the price based on the market analysis and put $10 on a trade. The payout is 80% and so, in instance of a winning transaction, you lot add the turn a profit to the previous corporeality and you lot invest $18. You won once more, so again, you add together the profit and yous put $32.4 in the adjacent trade.

The idea is to use earned money in a cycle of trades
The thought is to use earned money in a cycle of trades

Before you start trading using this method, yous have to decide how many transactions you will conduct. Yous tin choose to stop afterwards 5 consecutive trades merely it can be 3, four, 6. Information technology depends on the win charge per unit of your past trades.

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This compounding strategy can bring y’all a quite proficient profit. The longer the win streak, the higher earnings. I recommend commencement with ii or 3 trades in sequence. This way you volition all the same profit from compounding just it will be easier to manage your emotions at first.

You need to decide when your compounding sequence will stop
You lot need to decide when your compounding sequence will stop

Final words

You lot tin count on relatively high earnings in example well-nigh of your transactions end up profitable. Of course, there is never a guarantee of what will happen in the market and whether your predictions were correct or wrong. Nevertheless, it is very of import that you are able to keep the money in your account. And it is just easier with the anti-martingale strategy.

Choose the assets that have at least 80% return.

Set a maximum corporeality you can lose in a day. Information technology may exist 1 to iii times per day.

Exercise non invest more than 5% of your business relationship balance and then you will not wipe out the account completely. For case, if you have $200, your initial trade size should be a maximum of $10.

Apply a tool that is chosen Merchandise-logger to runway your win rate. If it drops below lxx%, yous should work harder to increase your win charge per unit.

E’er consider what is best for yous. Get to know the strategy well by practising on a demo business relationship. It is free of charge on IQ Selection and you can utilise information technology as long as you wish. Once you experience confident with a method, move to the live account.

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Share your views on the anti-martingale money strategy with united states. Down beneath the site, yous will find the comments department.

Best of luck!

General Risk Alarm: The financial products offered past the visitor carry a high level of gamble and tin result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

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