How To Predict Binary Options Correctly

If you take been trading in Binary options for a long time, you might be well versed with the concept of candlesticks. The candlestick charts were quite famous in the Japanese market, fifty-fifty earlier they became famous in the Western world.


Candlesticks are one of the most crucial indicators used past traders to monitor the move of the market and analyze data to make future predictions. If you start analyzing the diverse analytical tools used for trading, you will find that candlestick charts are used by nigh of them due to their convenient approach.

In this commodity, we will be discussing how to predict the next candle with binary options to understand whether the market is bullish or bearish. If you are new to trading, this article is for you lot, as binary options are the safest markets to invest in.

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What y’all will read in this Post

What are candlestick charts in binary trading?

Candlesticks are i of the most advanced technical tools used by traders to understand and predict the market’s movement. They can nowadays you the data from across diverse time frames in just a single candlestick.

patterns created by the candlestick’south position, volume, and size assist the trader understand the resistance levels and key support. It helps them in making an informed conclusion to minimize the run a risk factor while trading in binary options.

A candlestick represents the toll of the chosen nugget with its torso in a specific time frame. The wick and shadow on the candlestick highlight the high and low price of the asset. Thus, the light-green-colored candle represents a price rising, and a red-colored candle highlights the lowering of the price in the market place.

The patterns of these candlesticks assist in understanding the investing and selling opportunities of the traders—the predictions of the next candlestick help in understanding whether the market is bullish or bearish.

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How to predict the next candle with Binary Options?

If y’all want to brand profits in the trading market, it is brash to trade in the market’south direction. Before starting in deep details, the best method to interpret a candlestick is to analyze the position, book, and relative size of the candlestick.

#1 Rising three methods

Rising iii method

The rising three methods are some of the easiest methods used for candlestick prediction. Once you learn the basics of this methodology, the pattern will pop out to you whenever it starts forming on the nautical chart.

The rising 3 methods are forming 5 candles and one candle that requires to be close to the final candle to be valid. This design can be both bullish and bearish. The first candle is ever a white one closed near the shaven or unshaven top. The next three candles are pocket-sized with spinning tops that are either white or black.

They are seen to fall for 3 days but not below the first candle. At present moving on to the fifth candle, it volition start above the low point of the kickoff candle. It has the highest shut of all the five values. This point has a 70% success rate in this strategy with an expiry of 2-5 candles from the buy.

#ii Side by side lines

Side by side lines

Side-by-side lines are a design with quite a high success rate. It comprises two bars of while colour continuing side by side on the chart.

When the trend is facing upwards, the outset white candle will e’er be high at the terminate of the day. This is because the candlesticks will have a adept volume highlighting a moderate price rising. Therefore, the second candle of the same color will showtime at the same level as the first candle and shut virtually the loftier at the end of the day, or it may even cross the length of the first candle.

The two white candles with a good volume are an indicator of the increasing strength of the market place. This strength is seen to precipitate soon. Thus, the traders are always on the watch for this trend.

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The brownie of the signals building is always subjected to the time frame. The signals generated in 5 minutes will have more noise than the signals produced in one day.

#iii Tatsuki gap

Tasuki Gap instance

Just like the rising three methods, the Tatsuki gap also comprises upward to v candles. The Tatsuki gap can be formed in both bearish and bullish markets; the only cistron in identifying this pattern is a visible gap indicating the marketplace’s resistance or support.

This tendency is usually formed when in that location is a gap formed in the prices along the market’s direction. For example, if the market is down, the gap will also be downward and vice versa. In the instance of the downward market, the candle will be having a high volume and black, closing near or at the low of the 24-hour interval.

The next few candles are seen to open at a value to a higher place the first candle to test for the resistance in the market. One can decide to enter in this indication, but a confirmed resistance highlights the second drop in the market. This indicate is having a 65% success rate in marketplace prediction.

Predicting a bullish market

You demand to keep an middle on three major patterns on the candlestick chart for predicting a bullish marketplace. These are as follows:

  • Bullish Engulfing Pattern: The bullish engulfing blueprint is formed on the candlestick chart when the number of buyers is more than the number of sellers in the market. It is represented past a long light-green bar and a smaller red bar.
  • Hammer: In the hammer example, the candlestick has a shorter body and a long lower wick. Information technology indicates that the buyers accept increased the selling toll, and force per unit area is built on the seller’southward market. In this case, the next candlestick is e’er a green one.
  • Inverted Hammer: In the case of the Inverted hammer, the upper wick is seen to be longer, indicating the buying pressure in the market. The sellers drive the prices downwardly, and the buyers rule the market in this instance.

The bullish marketplace trend is known for indicating a opposite gear from a downtrend to an uptrend. This pattern is meant for traders looking to enter and concord on to the avails for a longer period.

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Predicting a bearish market place

You need to go along an eye on iii major patterns on the candlestick chart for predicting a surly market place. These are as follows:

  • Surly Engulfing Pattern: The surly engulfing design is seen to exist formed at the cease of the upward market trend. In this case, the light-green candlestick is followed past a big red candlestick, highlighting the fall in the market. It is an indicator of the downward trend of the market place.
  • Shooting Star: A shooting star has a like shape to the hammer, simply the candlestick is in ruby. This pattern is created when the closing price is a petty fleck higher than the opening price.
  • Hanging Man: The shape of the hanging man is like to the inverted hammer highlighting the kickoff of a downtrend in the marketplace. It highlights that the buyers manage to increase the prices even when there was huge selling pressure in the market.

​Frequently asked questions:

How is the range of a bullish candlestick calculated?

The range of the bullish candlestick is calculated by measuring the distance between the upper shadow and the lower shadow. It will highlight the price movement during that detail duration. Y’all can likewise subtract the lower price from the higher price to measure the range.

What is a bearish doji candlestick?

The bearish market is represented past the Surly Doji Star that highlights a reversal pattern in the market place. The first reading is a long green candle that is followed by a autumn in toll. Information technology indicates the selling of assets on the chart during the downtrend marketplace.


In this article, we discussed the prediction and reading of the candlestick charts to improve our analytical and data predicting skills. It will have a while to expect for patterns and make predictions on the chart, but with regular practice and experimentation, y’all will reach the level of an advanced trader.

If you are new, you lot demand to showtime looking for patterns on the nautical chart regularly consciously. Y’all can commencement experimenting with your blueprint mapping skills on Quotex by signing up and practicing investing without losing any money.

Trading is a circuitous domain, and it takes years and years of practice to sympathize the market. However, the trading market is highly subjective and is subjected to various risks, merely you tin certainly minimize them past taking calculated risks and finding a residue. Furthermore, run into my other articles about strategies.


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