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This page of IGN’s Mass Effect 2 wiki guide is all nearly the Tali: Treason Loyalty Mission in the Valhallan Threshold, including how to get through all gainsay encounters, where to find all collectibles, and pick the right dialogue choices for your playthrough.

  • Mission Rewards
  • Talk to Tali
  • Travel to Migrant Fleet
  • Go to Hearing
  • Board the Alarei
  • Retake the Alarei
  • Disable Geth Console
  • Return to Trial
  • Return to Normandy
  • Back on the Normandy

    • Tali Romance Notes


Mission Rewards

  • Experience: 750 XP
  • Power: Free energy Bleed
  • Research: Geth Shield Strength, Tech Damage
  • Mission Credits: 15,000
  • Found Credits: 30,000
  • Resource: 2,000

Talk to Tali

Tali’s Loyalty Mission can be acquired after recruiting her in Dossier – Tali and then talking to her aboard the Normandy at least in one case. There is a slight pecking club: Tali’s Loyalty Mission won’t unlock until you’ve unlocked the Loyalty Missions for Jacob, Miranda, Jack, Mordin, Grunt, Garrus and Samara (although some will be skipped if yous don’t have that Team Mate). Yous’ll know when you’ve unlocked information technology because Kelly will tell yous as you lot pass by the Galaxy Map.

When y’all do talk to Tali almost information technology, she says that she’s been accused of treason past her people. Given that she’south historically thought of her people long before thinking of herself, this is very traumatic for her. She’ll exist forced to render to the Migrant Fleet to defend herself, but she doesn’t even know what the charges even are. Whether you agree or non, she’ll put the location of the flotilla in the Galaxy Map for you.

Travel to Migrant Fleet


The flotilla, known as the Quarian Migrant Fleet, tin currently be establish in the Vallhallan Threshold. To get there, merely get nearly things as if you lot were going to any other location in the galaxy. Approach the Normandy’s milky way map and travel to the Vallhallan Threshold. One time in that location, you’ll find the Migrant Fleet orbiting shut to the binary stars of the system, Raheel-Leyya. Land at that place, and we’ll become most our business organization.

Get to Hearing

If you haven’t washed The Reaper IFF Mission nonetheless, Miranda will give the nigh unique dialogue, but just if you gave Veetor to Cerberus during the Liberty’s Progress Mission.

If you have done the Reaper IFF Mission and kept the Squad Mate from it, you should bring them for a vast corporeality of unique dialogue. If yous want to Romance Tali, make certain yous also have some Firewalker Side Quests left on the side to help progress it after the stop of the game.

Equally the Normandy approaches the flotilla, Tali volition communicate with the Quarians on board the transport you lot’re about to dock on. They ask her for identification, and she recites what appears to exist a Quarian phrase that’southward proof enough of her status. If yous played Mass Effect one you’ll detect that the transport shares the last name Tali had in that game: information technology was the transport she was born on before her Pilgrimage: when she returned, she joined the Neema, thus altering her name.


When you state, you’ll be greeted by a friend of Tali’s, a Quarian past the name of Captain Kar’Danna. Y’all tin can answer with “I owe Tali a not bad deal” for
+2 Paragon Points. The captain informs Tali that she’southward being charged with treason for sending active Geth back to the fleet. Though Tali did indeed ship Geth parts to her male parent as part of a inquiry project, she denies that anything was active or functional. Nonetheless, the Admiralty Board see things otherwise, and until the trial takes place, Kar’Danna informs Tali that she’s not to go out the ship she’south currently on.

If you brought the Reaper IFF Squad Mate, y’all’ll go a vast corporeality of unique dialogue hither, and you’ll have more chances for Morality Points. You get
+5 Renegade Points
for using the Renegade Interrupt, and can then say either “Calm down” for
+2 Paragon Points
or “Information technology’s called Legion” for
+ii Renegade Points.

After that, you lot can apply the “You lot’ll have to shoot us both” Charm for
+5 Paragon Points, the “If it acts upwardly, I’ll impale it” Intimidate for
+5 Renegade Points
or “I’ll practice this for Tali” for
+2 Paragon Points. Picking “Legion, go back to our ship” will let you choose a different Squad Mate.

When y’all regain command, caput down the corridor to see another Quarian familiar to Tali, Shala’Raan. She and Tali go way back, and while Raan usually has a lot of of power, she’due south had to recuse herself, meaning Tali has no friends on the board that will decide her fate. Making matters worse, Tali has been stripped of her transport surname, vas Neema, and is being charged under vas Normandy. There is a silver lining, however: equally the helm of the ship Tali now hails from, Shepard is legally bound to represent Tali in the upcoming trial. At this, you can say either “I’m honored” for
+ii Paragon Points
or “This is a terrible idea” for
+ii Renegade Points.

From hither, you’ll get a good look at where the trial will exist taking identify: a rare, open area in the flotilla that can accommodate a lot of people (and a niggling fleck of pomp, besides). After an opening speech past Shala’Raan, the trial volition begin. Before information technology gets a risk to get very far, withal Koris, 1 of the ruling council, immediately objects, either for a human representing Tali (to which ‘Raan points out that he shouldn’t accept changed Tali’southward name to your ship), or to the Reaper IFF Squad Mate (to which ‘Raan points out that he’s 2nd-guessing the Helm of the transport they’re on).

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After this, Shepard is asked to speak for Tali. Whatever pick will do, nevertheless the “It is my pleasure” Charm will requite
+5 Paragon Points, while the “Wait at her record” Intimidate will requite
+5 Renegade Points. After some more bickering, and you lot replying that Tali is not treasonous, equally the parts she sent were inert. At this, Koris drops the bombshell that Geth have taken over the Alarei, the ship her begetter was serving on, traumatizing Tali in the middle of the hearing.


You tin can respond to the reveal with the “We need to assist” Charm for
+5 Paragon Points
or the “Y’all’ve got a lot of nerve!” Intimidate for
+five Renegade Points. Retaking the Alarei is at present your elevation business organisation, to both ensure the safety of the flotilla and to investigate the claims being made about Rael’Zorah, Tali’due south father. You can reply with “We must. For Tali’s sake” for
+2 Paragon Points
or “If it proves her loyalty” for
+two Renegade Points.

Lath the Alarei

You’ll reconvene with Tali afterwards the trial, and will optionally be able to speak with the unabridged Admiralty Board in the plaza, too every bit 2 Quarians you’ve met previously. We recommend that you practise this as yous’ll have the chance for Morality Points, as well as go information on Quarian politics that inform not merely this trial, merely also future events.

At the very least, you should talk to Shala’Raan once more and answer with either “You went too far” for
+2 Paragon Points
or “Thanks. Will it help?” for
+two Renegade Points. Bated from the other Admirals, you tin also talk to Veetor, the scared Quarian you met on Freedom’s Progress. If you lot decided to release him to Cerberus, he’ll be incredibly nervous, and fifty-fifty react with horror if you brought Miranda with you. If not, you can depart with “I hope you feel better” for
+2 Paragon Points. Kal’Reegar will also be nowadays if he survived the last assault on Haestrom back in Dossier – Tali. You may also want to get back and talk to Captain Kar’Danna, who can elaborate on some of the flotilla’s logistical challenges.

If y’all brought the Reaper IFF Squad Mate hither, yous can see much boosted dialogue at this point.

Admiral Xen takes detail interest in them, while Shala’Raan, Gerrel and Koris will have an actress dialogue option. Pick “Admirals’ infighting” then pick the sectional pick that appears in the lower-left corner of the Dialogue Bicycle. It won’t change any minds, but they elicit fascinating responses from the Admirals.

Once you’re washed, yous should exit out the door near Admiral Koris and head to the very end of the hallway. Talk to the Shuttle Guard and he’ll let you lot fly the craft over to the Alarei to brainstorm your investigation and cleanse information technology of Geth.


Retake the Alarei

When you proceeds control on the Alarei, you’ll desire to use this brief moment of calm to gear up your weapons, as the room on the other side of the door will immediately be a fight. Yous’ll primarily exist facing normal Geth Troopers alongside Geth Hunters, who can cloak and fire at you with shotguns. Plan accordingly!

When you enter the room, immediately run forward to accept cover. Geth Troopers occupy this room in full force, in improver to more enemies that will stream out of the door ahead and on your left. In fact, with the exception of the Geth that are already posted in this room upon your entrance, all other Geth enemies will be coming from the door on the left. Thus you may want to button frontward and accept cover backside the right side of the bunk beds to slay the Geth right in the doorway.

  • Med Kit – 100 Credits. In the forepart-left corner, or directly to the left of the entry door.
  • Laptop – 1,500 Credits. In the dorsum-right corner of the room lit in orange, on a desk.
  • Laptop – one,800 Credits. Same location equally the concluding laptop, to the left of the Quarian Log in the middle.
  • Power Cells – To the right of the go out door among various crates.

When y’all continue to the side by side hallway, you should get-go enter the door next to the window and enter a side-room, where yous’ll find a Repair Drone on the tabular array to the left. where you’ll find a
Medical Station
to Hack with 4,200 Credits. On a table to the left of those is a Repair Drone: it isn’t required to interact with information technology, just information technology will reveal more information about Tali’s process of sending Geth parts to her father.


  • Terminal – 4,200 Credits. Standing in the doorway in the side room, immediately on your right.
  • Medical Station – 100 Credits. Standing in the doorway again, directly ahead on the wall.
  • Terminal – Geth Shield Strength. Leave out of the side room and face the way forrard. Enter the door ahead in the corner to find this Final.
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Render to the hallway one more than time and you’ll find some other Quarian Log to view. to the correct of the door into the next area.

As you head into the next room, make certain to draw your gun and take embrace, equally a Geth Hunter will come down the afar stairs and assail you. Acceleration it, and then search the room.

  • Laptop – i,800 Credits. In the right corner of the room in the corner closest to the entry door.
  • Laptop – 2,100 Credits. In the correct corner of the room in the corner
    from the entry door.
  • Wall Safe – 4,200 Credits. Check the desks at the bottom of the stairs the Geth Hunter came from to find this next to a Quarian Log on the desk below.

At the meridian of the stairs y’all’ll plow left into a kitchen and get into another fight, this one tricky because now there are ii doors the Geth are entering from, pregnant twice as many Geth Troopers and Hunters swarming into the room. Y’all should know how to handle yourself by now. but the Geth Hunters are extremely ambitious, and their stealth engineering can easily return them invisible enough to make it close and do a plethora of harm.

Once things finally quiet down, explore the room for goodies.


  • 2,000 Refined Palladium – In the corner directly left of the entryway.
  • Med Kit – 100 Credits. Merely to the right of the exit doorway that’s in the dorsum-left corner.
  • Wall Safe – 3,000 Credits. When y’all enter the room through the leave doorway, look to your right on the corner of the wall to spot this easily-missed object.

In this room you lot can use a Wall Console that initiates some other scene with Tali. Here, you tin can say “That’due south a bad idea” for
+two Paragon Points
or “That’s a worthy promise” for
+2 Renegade Points. What you lot can follow them upward with will vary, but suffice to say that the upper-correct option will requite
+2 Paragon Points, and the lower-correct option gives
+2 Renegade Points.

As you push through into the next room, you’ll find yourself on a balcony overlooking a lower flooring, with a staircase scaling down on your correct. Geth will cascade in from the door on the lower flooring, direct ahead, but also from an inaccessible balustrade to your left. You’ll have to residual both as the ones on the left have a nasty habit of killing your Squad Mates without you noticing. Oh and Geth Hunters, aggressive as e’er, volition attempt to come up the stairs after you, then when they show upwardly, throw everything and the kitchen sink at them to ensure that they don’t get too close.

  • Laptop – 2,400 Credits. Head down the stairs and information technology’ll exist on the benchtop on your correct.
  • Laptop – ane,800 Credits. On the table to the left of the get out doorway.
  • Med Kit – 100 Credits. From the laptop above, plough left and go to the back corner to detect this on the crates betwixt the two white-lit windows.

You tin besides find ane last Quarian Log on the right side of the exit doorway.


Through the doorway, you’ll have a very dramatic scene: Tali discovers the trunk of her father. Employ the Paragon Interrupt to hug her and get
+v Paragon Points, while passing it volition allow you lot pick either “This wasn’t his choice” for
+two Paragon Points
or “We’ll destroy the geth” for
+2 Renegade Points. Later viewing Rael’s message to Tali, y’all can reply to her with “He did what he could” for
+2 Paragon Points, or “The geth cutting him off” for
+2 Renegade Points.

Once the scene is over, make sure to check in a side-room with lots of goodies inside.

  • Wall Prophylactic – 1,500 Credits. In the corner immediately left of the entry door.
  • Med Kit – 100 Credits – On the crates to the right of the Wall Safety.
  • Wall Safe – 2,700 Credits. In the dorsum-right corner of the room above a unmarried white crate.
  • Power Cells – 100 Credits. On acme of a grey crate on the right-hand wall of the room.

Disable Geth Console

Exit back into the hallway and head upward the stairs to enter the concluding room of the Alarei.

  • Model Flotilla Ship – On the right-hand desk that’s in front end of yous every bit soon as you enter the room.
  • Laptop – 3,000 Credits. On the left-manus desk that’s in front of you as soon as you enter the room.

Around the other side of the window volition exist 2 Geth Hunters AND a Geth Prime, a powerful foe that you last fought back on Haestrom. This guy will be equipped with Shields and Armor, and there’s trivial cover in this room, and so you’ll have to be smart and retreat to the front end of it. You’ll very much have to improvise here.

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Interacting with the Quarian Console here will take y’all back to the trial on the Rayya, so MAKE Sure you’ve collected the Model Flotilla Send!

One time you’re set, access the Quarian Console on the back of the room to learn the truth: Rael did in fact reactivate full Geth on the transport, only kept Tali inculpable by restricting what she could send to him. Afterwards viewing it, yous can reply with “He wanted to keep his hope” for
+two Paragon Points, or either “That’s what we needed” or “That sounded bad” for
+ii Renegade Points. But as Tali explains, while this testify would exonerate her, it would utterly ruin her father’southward name, and she begs yous non to use information technology in the trial.

Render to Trial

Yous’ll then exist taken back to the Rayya, and can hear the Admiralty Board debating the controversial move to exile Tali posthumously given her absence. Return to the trial fashionably late, and so answer with either “You lot should pardon Tali” for
+2 Paragon Points
or “You could have waited” for
+ii Renegade Points.

You will and so exist asked to make the incredibly important decision of whether to present the prove against Tali’south father or non, or use some other method of clearing things up. Hither’s what each pick volition practice:

  • “We take no bear witness” will get Tali exiled from the Migrant Fleet over sending Geth parts to the Migrant Fleet. However she’s more than than willing to take it to go along things stable, so this still secures Tali’s Loyalty and you lot’ll get
    +30 Paragon Points.
  • “Yes. Hither is the bear witness” will nowadays the recording from the Alarei to the Admiralty Lath. This clears Tali of her charges, just the experience will traumatize her, rendering her Disloyal and earning you lot
    +30 Renegade Points.
  • The “I don’t need evidence” Charm volition take Shepard cite Tali’south past actions as evidence and phone call out that none of the Admiralty Board cares near Tali at all, since they’re putting her on trial instead of listening to her about the Geth. This secures Tali’s Loyalty, clears her of charges and earns you
    +30 Paragon Points.
  • The “You’re wasting our time!” Intimidate volition have Shepard threaten to exit, then call out the ulterior motives behind the trial of the woman who saved the Citadel from the Geth. This secures Tali’s Loyalty, clears her of charges and earns you
    +thirty Renegade Points.
  • “[Rally the crowd]” is available if Veetor was not sent to Cerberus after Freedom’s Progress and Kal’Reegar survived Dossier – Tali, and doesn’t crave Morality Points. Here Shepard will call to the crowd that none of the Admiralty Lath actually cares nearly Tali, only their war with the Geth. Both Veetor and Kal stride up to defend her and threaten to exile themselves over it. This secures Tali’s Loyalty, clears her of charges and earns you
    +30 Paragon Points.


Before leaving yous should talk one terminal time with the people on the Rayya, with their responses different depending on your final choice at the trial, and all offering Morality Points in the usual spots on the Dialogue Wheel (upper-left and lower-left). There are a few notable exceptions:

  • Shala’Raan only offers Morality Points if you picked “We have no evidence” and Tali was exiled, pregnant that option gives the nigh Renegade Points overall. ‘Raan will exist furious, only Tali defends your option in the hearing.
  • Veetor and Kal’Reegar only offering Paragon Points, but only if both were alive and you picked “[Rally the crowd]”, making it the selection that gives the most Paragon Points overall.
  • While Helm Kar’Danna at the airlock never offers Morality Points, he will exist infuriated if his old crewmate got herself exiled.

With all that done, you should return to the Normandy, which y’all can do either by using the on-screen prompt or by using the airlock door virtually Helm Kar’Danna.

Back on the Normandy

If you’ve already done the Loyalty Mission of the Reaper IFF Squad Mate, then you may have to sort out a confrontation betwixt them and Tali. Visit this section to acquire how to resolve it.

  • CIC: Talk to Joker for a annotate on Tali’s trial.
  • Crew Deck: Talk to Kasumi if you didn’t present the evidence confronting Tali’s father. Thane will also accept new dialogue.
  • Engineering: Tali will accept new dialogue in the backwash of her Loyalty Mission.

If yous’re post-obit this guide in order, your side by side task will exist to exercise the

Tali Romance Notes


If y’all took the time to recruit the Reaper IFF Squad Mate to bring them along to this Mission, and also desire to Romance Tali, and too want the nigh positive issue for the finish of the game, you’ll want to set aside a couple of Side Quests to do later the main story is over. This allows you to continue the Romance afterwards the climax of the game: there simply won’t be plenty time to do information technology now without affecting things in the Suicide Mission.

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