Top Binary Options Trading Platforms

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Binary options brokers offering traders an accessible way to make money in the binary options market. However, with so many binary brokers to choose from, picking the best trading platform for your needs can feel overwhelming.

We’ve reviewed the leading binary options brokers to help y’all notice the right trading platform. We analyzed each binary banker on a variety of factors including minimum deposits, payouts, regulation, nugget option, customer service, and trading platform.

Here are the best binary options brokers of 2022.

Top 5 Best Binary Options Brokers of 2022

  • Pocket Option
    : Best binary options broker overall
  • BinaryCent
    : All-time trading platform for beginners
  • IQCent
    : Best banker for copy trading
  • RaceOption
    : All-time signup bonuses
    : Most avant-garde trading platform

#1 Pocket Option: All-time Binary Option Broker Overall

Pocket Option is our superlative selection for the best binary options banker of 2022. This innovative trading platform has low minimum deposits, user-friendly payment methods, excellent payouts, and a multifariousness of technical analysis tools.

Pocket Option has served over 10 one thousand thousand users since its launch in 2017, and its user base spans more than than 95 countries.

Pocket Option

allows you lot to merchandise more than 100 assets, including stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, and bolt.

To get comfortable with the website’southward platform, you can create a demo account using virtual money. This demo allows yous to use all of the features of the site without any real hazard involved.

Pocket Option also makes it easy to withdraw and deposit funds. The site has a minimum eolith corporeality of $50 and a withdrawal corporeality of $10, meaning you don’t have to build upwards too high of a profit before cashing out. Pocket Option supports convenient, safety payment methods, and you can fifty-fifty apply cashback and other trading advantages to simplify the process.

Investors who are new to the earth of binary options will appreciate that Pocket Pick has a minimum trade amount of $ane, allowing yous to start small and decrease your adventure. The platform is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and web browsers so that yous can take your binary options on the go.

New traders will also savor Pocket Choice’due south comprehensive education department, featuring tutorials and guides about binary trading strategies. The site helps you feel confident that you know the ins and outs of binary options trading before putting your money on the line.

This platform has received regulation from the International Financial Market place Relations Regulation Centre (IFMRRC), then yous can trust that your trades are legitimate and safe. Pocket Option is available in many countries, including the U.S. and throughout Europe.

All in all, Pocket Option is a safe, convenient binary options banker with a worldwide client base. If yous’re looking for the best binary options platform to put your trust in, Pocket Selection is your best bet.

  • Minimum Deposit:

  • Minimum Trade:

  • Demo Account:

  • Underlying Assets:

  • U.s. Accepted:


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#2 BinaryCent: All-time Trading Platform for Beginners

BinaryCent is a binary options broker that allows you lot to invest and earn up to 95% in simply lx seconds. Their beginner-friendly trading platform allows you to trade forex pairs, CFD, and binary options.

I of the best features of the

BinaryCent trading platform

is the ability to copy the near successful traders.

You can choose which traders you want to follow and then re-create their trades with the click of a button. This re-create trading feature is especially useful for beginners that are however learning how to trade binary options.

Here’s what we like most almost BinaryCent:

10 Cent Minimum Trade Amount

– With BinaryCent, y’all can trade binary options for as niggling every bit 10 cents per merchandise, which is less than most online binary options brokers.

1-Hour Withdrawals

– Different other binary choice brokers that tin can take up to 72 hours to withdraw your money, BinaryCent has a ane-60 minutes processing time.

Weekend Trading

– With BinaryCent, you can merchandise not-cease, even on the weekends.

Broad Range of Deposit Methods

– From credit cards to cryptocurrency, BinaryCent offers a variety of deposit methods to fund your account with.

Generous Bonuse
s – BinaryCent rewards traders with bonuses on initial trading deposits. The bonus percentage depends on your deposit amount and can reach upwardly to 100%.

Trading Contests

– BinaryCent offers trading contests where they offer $20,000 in prize funds to 20 winners every week.

If yous’re looking for an piece of cake-to-employ trading platform with attractive payouts and generous first-time deposits, BinaryCent is a great binary pick banker to consider. With 10 cent minimum trades and re-create trading, BinaryCent is the all-time option for beginner traders.

  • Minimum Merchandise:

    10 cents
  • Min. Deposit:

  • Deposit Bonuses:

  • USA and Uk Friendly:

  • Leverage:

    Up to 1:100

Click Here to Visit the BinaryCent Website for More Information

#three IQCent: All-time for Copy Trading

Some binary options traders want to brand an like shooting fish in a barrel turn a profit without having to lookout man the market to figure out the smartest move. If this description sounds like you, yous’ll love IQCent’due south like shooting fish in a barrel-to-use platform and re-create trading tool.

IQCent is a 100% secure trading platform

that processes over 10,000 transactions daily.

 The site offers a range of advantages compared to other venues of its kind: referral perks, bonuses for each monetary amount y’all deposit, not-terminate trading, instant withdrawals. Yous can cull from more than 100 trading markets, including stocks, Forex, and commodities–and the minimum merchandise size is but a penny.

Beginners and casual traders love IQCent’south copy trading tool. This feature allows you to re-create experienced investors’ trades so that y’all tin earn profits without whatsoever prior experience in trading. If you lot need assist using any of its tools, IQCent has a 24/7 live chat that allows y’all to speak with client support directly.

IQCent has a minimum deposit of $500, which is a bit steeper than other binary options platforms on our list. Still, with so many giveaways, rewards, and educational resources, you’ll be earning profits off your eolith in no time. The platform supports over ten payment methods, including cryptocurrency and cards, making it easy to withdraw and deposit your funds.

IQCent also lets you lot leverage up to 1:100, allowing you to maximize your potential profit even with smaller investments. Even better, get-go-time trader accounts tin can receive up to a 100% bonus on their first deposit.

IQCent operates out of the Marshall Islands and currently does not provide services in the United states of america. However, the site does let some international traders to open accounts depending on their state’s regulations.

IQCent is one of the best binary options brokers for beginners and casual traders looking for a low-gamble trading platform.

  • Minimum Deposit:

  • Minimum Trade Size:

  • Eolith Bonus:

  • Demo Business relationship:

  • Underlying Assets:

  • USA Accepted:


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#iv RaceOption: Best Eolith Bonuses

If you enjoy the thrill of bonuses and rewards in your binary options trading,

RaceOption is the platform to bank check out
. RaceOption facilitates over 10,000 trades daily with 100+ asset options ranging from stocks to crypto to commodities.

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If you want to accept your profits up a notch, you’ll appreciate RaceOption’s extensive rewards programs. You can earn extra income for referring friends to the platform—one time they sign up, you’ll make twenty% back from their deposits. Y’all tin also enter the site’due south giveaways and sweepstakes to win prizes ranging from iPads to iMac computers to greenbacks.

Traders who are new to binary options trading can take reward of RaceOption’southward copying features. These tools allow you lot to select a trader from the site’south list of successful investors and re-create their trades, helping you make more confident trading decisions.

RaceOption requires a minimum eolith of $250 and a minimum withdrawal corporeality of $50. In one case you make your initial deposit, you lot can place trades as low as $1 apiece to minimize risk. Even better, you can look your withdrawal to go through within i hour of your request, and so your funds will be on the way to your business relationship in no time.

RaceOption is currently non regulated in the United States and does not have a strong regulatory license exterior of the United States. However, many traders consider it a reliable binary trading platform, so yous can likely trust its services as much equally other websites on our listing.

Altogether, RaceOption is an fantabulous pick for traders looking for fun and heady bonus options aslope a secure trading platform.

  • Minimum Deposit:

  • Sign Up Bonus:

  • Demo Account:

  • Underlying Assets:

  • USA Accustomed:


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#v Best for Trading on MT4 Platform

If y’all’re unfamiliar with the world of binary options, is an excellent place to beginning. This online binary options trading platform has been facilitating trades since 1999, and its straightforward, user-friendly website makes it easy to become knowledgeable near the binary market place. However, its services are not currently available to investors in the United States or Canada.

allows you lot to make trades 24/7, even on the weekends, making it i of the more user-friendly binary options brokers. It offers over 100 tradable markets, including Forex, crypto, CFDs, and metals through its binary options and MetaTrader five platforms.

Beginners will appreciate that you can fix a virtual practise account through to assistance you learn more virtually binary trading. This account provides yous with a $10,000 virtual credit that you tin furnish for free. Once y’all feel comfortable, you lot tin create a real account to begin trading funds.

1 of the best features of’s platform is its speed. You lot tin execute your binary trade in just seconds and analyze your portfolio in real-fourth dimension, so you lot always make the near up-to-date trading decisions. The site also allows you lot to customize your trading options, then you can cull your payout, nugget, elapsing, and strike to fit your needs. has a lower minimum deposit than other sites on our list at only $5, making it more accessible to new and coincidental traders. The platform supports hundreds of deposit and withdrawal methods, including Visa and Mastercard credit cards, Bitcoin, and more. is licensed in Republic of malta, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Isle of man.

This site has won numerous awards for its integrity, reliability, and ease of utilize. In 2019, Global Brands Magazine named the All-time Binary Options Broker, and we agree that information technology offers some of the most benefits amid similar platforms. is 1 of the all-time binary options brokers for beginners looking for a simple, piece of cake-to-use platform to begin trading.

  • Min. Deposit:

  • Minimum Trades:

  • Demo Account:

  • United states Accepted:


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What Are Binary Options?

Binary options are forms of options trading that offering 2 possible outcomes: either you lot brand a predetermined turn a profit, or you lot lose the money you put into the trade.

When you merchandise binary options, you’re answering a yeah or no question: will the market be in a higher place a sure price by the expiry time? If y’all answer correctly, you will receive a $100 payout on each contract. If you answer incorrectly, you lot will lose the coin y’all put into the trade.

Binary options trading predict trends of stock indices, bolt, events, and

Forex pairs
. Permit’s say yous’ve been watching the price of silver over the past several weeks. Though its electric current price is $1,000 an ounce, y’all predict its toll will increase to over $1,100 by the end of the week.

Rather than actually purchasing silver to make a turn a profit on this toll increase, you tin purchase a binary options contract with your prediction. Trade prices range from $0 to $100 depending on the likelihood that the contract expires beneath or above the strike toll.

In this scenario, you purchase five silverish binary options for $60 each, meaning you lot spend $300. You now have 2 possible outcomes:

  1. The cost of silver is at or below $i,100 past the expiry fourth dimension. Because your prediction was incorrect, you lose your $300.
  2. Your trade finishes “in the money,” pregnant the price of silver is to a higher place $1,100 by the expiration date. You receive a $100 payout on each of your contracts, so you earn $500, a turn a profit of $200.

Binary options trading is often more lucrative than traditional forms of ownership and trading. They too offering controlled risk, as you know exactly what you stand to lose if your prediction is wrong.

However, attempting to go into a binary options merchandise blindly could lead you lot to lose your deposit in no time. The best way to brand a profitable binary options trade is to use a broker platform to walk yous through the process.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Binary Options Trading Platform

Yous can find dozens of binary options platforms on the web. While some binary trading websites are condom and reliable, you’ll find an equal number of risky sites that may even be operating illegally.

As you lot search for the

best binary options trading platform

for yous, consider how each of these factors plays into your decision.

Underlying Assets

In binary options trading, an

underlying asset
is a financial product on which you place your bet. Almost trading platforms offer a range of underlying assets—many of the binary options trading platforms on our list permit you lot to choose from over 100 financial products. Some of the most prevalent markets are crypto, commodities, Forex, indices, and stocks.

If you have a specific underlying asset in mind, await for a binary options trading platform that specializes in your preferred area. If non, you may benefit nigh from a binary options trading site with a few dozen products available.

Max Payouts

Some binary options brokers place a cap on the amount you lot tin can withdraw from each payout, such as $ane,000 or $x,000. Other binary trading brokers have a fee out of payouts on each side of the merchandise so that your maximum payout is only 85% or 90% of your total profit.

Equally you search for the best binary options brokers for you, go on in listen how a site’s maximum payouts could touch on your profits. Some binary options trading platforms counter their depression payouts with rewards or other advantages, while others finish upwards taking more than of your coin than they are worth.

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Minimum Deposits

Binary options trading brokers usually place a minimum deposit amount on each trading account. This corporeality can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the platform’s specific policies.

If you’re a first-time binary options trader or you don’t experience confident risking more than $100, look for a binary options trading broker with lower minimum deposit amounts like and IQ Option. But if you’re looking for a higher payout, you may benefit most from choosing a binary trading platform with a higher minimum deposit, such as IQCent.

Either way, information technology’s all-time non to let a binary trading platform pressure level yous into spending more money than you are comfy with. If a site’south minimum deposit is too high for your liking, look for another trading broker.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are beneficial for users still learning the ins and outs of trading binary options. The all-time binary options trading brokers allow you to create gratis demo accounts to test out binary options trades with imitation, virtual funds. Yous can apply this demo account to run across how your choices affect whether yous win or lose money, helping yous become more confident earlier using real funds.

Demo accounts too permit you to try out several binary options brokers earlier choosing ane. You can utilize your demo account to better sympathize each platform’due south features, user interface, technical indicators, and gamble direction options before creating a paid trading account.

Country Restrictions

Binary options trading is a highly regulated form of investing, and some countries place specific regulations on how their citizens tin participate. Many brokers practice not operate within the United States due to The statestrading regulations. The U.K. also regulates options trading through the

Financial Conduct Authority


As you search for the best binary options brokers, brand certain the trading platforms you visit are bachelor within your state. You should never effort to work around a country’s restrictions through a VPN or other means—doing and then could get you into legal trouble.

Eolith Methods

Giving your bank account or credit card information away comes with risks, and you should always brand sure a broker uses safe payment options before proceeding. Binary options brokers should specify up front which eolith methods they have, such equally credit or debit cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, or banking concern wire transfers.

Consider which payment methods you feel comfortable using every bit you search for the right options broker. And after yous begin trading through a platform, keep an centre on your banking company account—unsafe websites could get-go making unauthorized withdrawals from your account.

Speed of Withdrawals

When you earn profits on your binary options contracts, you probably want to receive your money as soon equally possible. Some options brokers have speedy deposits and withdrawals, allowing you lot to receive your funds inside 24 hours of the decease times. Other binary trading platforms may require yous to wait several days before you can collect your profits.

Take note of a platform’southward withdrawal times as y’all search for the best binary options banker. If you would similar to receive your funds quickly, you’ll want to expect for platforms that advertise instant withdrawals.

Trading Apps

Some brokers offer both spider web browser platforms and a mobile app, assuasive y’all to make trades from several different devices.

If you program to do most of your trading from a estimator, you’ll probably do well with a browser-based platform. Simply if you’d similar to be able to check upwardly on your business relationship from anywhere or make trades from your mobile device, you should search for brokers with iOS and Android compatibility. Pocket Choice and IQ Option are ii of our favorite mobile-friendly options brokers.

How Do Binary Options Brokers Make Coin?

Regulated binary options brokers tin can make coin in two dissimilar ways.

First, some brokers act equally the counterparty, or the trader against whom yous are betting. These platforms are known as “over-the-counter” brokers.

Every binary options trade needs to have two sides: one political party who bets yes, and 1 who bets no. Many brokers make money the same mode traders do—by winning some trades and losing others. Notwithstanding, considering these platforms often have millions of clients, their profit potentials tend to exist higher than that of the boilerplate trader.

Other binary options brokers make coin through commission. These brokers human action every bit the middleman, matching traders depending on whether they want to buy or sell. Commission-based platforms often hide commission fees inside each contract’s spread, or the difference betwixt the buy and sell prices, then clients may not notice that they are paying any additional money.

Brokers who charge commission also tend to offer leverage to encourage larger merchandise sizes, producing more turn a profit for the broker.

Should You Use Multiple Brokers With Binary Options Trading?

Making accounts with multiple brokers tin exist benign for several reasons.

Start, some brokers specialize in specific types of trades. If you plan to make trades beyond several categories, such as short-term, call selection, and binary options trades, you may want to create i account with each type of broker.

Utilizing several binary selection trading platforms also reduces the risk of placing all your eggs in one handbasket. If one website goes under, turns out to be fraudulent, or doesn’t suit your needs, you won’t hazard losing all of your money at once.

Farther, some sites offer sign-upward offers for new users that permit y’all to aggrandize your initial deposit for costless. Information technology may be beneficial to create accounts on multiple sites and distribute your funds amidst each to have advantage of these bonuses.

However, if y’all decide to make accounts on multiple platforms, be sure not to lose rail of your activity on each. Trying to keep several expiry times in mind may cause you to miss deadlines and lose out on profits, canceling out the benefits of using several brokers.

Are Binary Options Brokers Regulated?

Many binary option brokers are regulated by a financial industry regulatory potency. However, there are still many unregulated brokers within the industry.

Regulators worldwide have been tedious to catch upwardly with the industry. Some agencies and organizations do have regulations in place.

Regulatory agencies with a meaning presence in the U.S. include:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Article Futures Trading Committee (CFTC)

In countries effectually the earth, regulators include:

  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the U.K.
  • Isle of man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
  • Republic of malta Gaming Authorization (MGA)

At present that binary options accept captured organizations’ interest, they’re paying closer attention and, in many cases, looking to tighten regulations on many online trading platforms.

Even with increasing oversight of every binary options broker, the market has some unregulated brokers. Some of these binary brokers may be on the upwards and upwards, but regulations help protect your interests, specially if you’re new to binary option trading.

Do Binary Trading Sites Accept Traders From The United States and the United Kingdom?

Y’all may have noticed that several of the trading platforms on our list are non available in the U.Due south. or the U.K. Currently, the merely regulated banker in the U.Southward. is Nadex.

The U.S. has stricter regulations than other countries, making information technology more challenging for binary brokers to gain U.S. blessing. 1 reason regulation is more than stringent in the U.S. is considering the government has strict laws prohibiting online gambling. Some regulators define binary option trading as a form of gambling.

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However, a few offshore brokers, such equally Pocket Option and RaceOption, accept traders worldwide, including those in the U.S. and U.G.

Should Beginners Trade Binary Options?

Trading binary options is an fantabulous fashion for beginners to dive into the trade market place. Binary options are easier to understand than other markets because of their binary nature—you lot only have two options, aye and no, for each bet.

And though trading binary options comes with significant risk, that risk is more than defined than trading in other markets. You lot know exactly what you stand to gain or lose with each bet, and yous volition never lose more money than what you provide upfront in your contracts.

Finally, a binary options broker can brand information technology piece of cake for beginners to learn more well-nigh binary options markets. Many of the sites we reviewed offer tools and resource specifically for educational purposes. Demo accounts also let beginners to try out the market in real-time without losing any coin.

If you’re looking for an piece of cake-to-learn form of options trading, binary options may be your all-time bet.

Is Binary Options Trading Safe?

On the whole, trading binary options is as rubber as whatever other trade market. The U.South. Securities and Exchange Commission approved binary options in 2008, and traders worldwide consider this form of trading one of the safest on the marketplace.

1 reason binary options trading is so safe is that it is straightforward and easy-to-sympathise. You won’t adventure losing money because you don’t sympathize an investment’s terms. Binary options are elementary, and you should have no problem understanding how much money you’ll gain or lose on each contract.

However, not every binary options broker is safety and reliable. The best style to ensure that your trade is secure is to utilise a trusted binary broker with a safe trading platform. Y’all should only deposit money with a regulated binary options broker if you feel confident that the trading platform is trustworthy and if information technology has positive reviews from other traders. If y’all have any doubts about a site’s security, walk away and find another binary options broker.

How to Trade Binary Options

You lot’ve done some research and you lot think trading binary options might exist right for you lot. Here’s how to go started:

Choose a Binary Options Broker

Although nosotros covered how to detect the all-time binary trading platform to a higher place, here’s a quick recap:

  • Price and committee charges
  • Minimum deposit amounts
  • Expertise with specific assets
  • Regulations and license
  • Trading platforms access
  • Dependability
  • Extras or add-ons
  • Demo accounts

You lot should be able to find plenty of information y’all demand on the broker’southward website, but if you’re unsure, don’t be afraid to achieve out. The best binary banker for you lot will be the one y’all’re almost comfortable dealing with.

Select an Underlying Asset to Trade

The toughest part may exist narrowing down your choices. Binary trading has a widespread reach covering commodities, stocks, indices, and

. You can choose to wager on simply about everything.

Stocks are a popular underlying nugget choice because they accept the potential for larger gains in a shorter period. In a way, you can play the stock marketplace without the fiscal contract of a call option.

Indices, bolt, and currency are common choices, as well.

Nadex provides binary trade access based on the:

  • Dow Jones industrial average
  • S&P 500
  • Nasdaq
  • Russell 2000

You can also trade via Nadex based on the price of:

  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gilt
  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Natural gas
  • Crude oil

Binary options trading tin can also focus on current events like unemployment or Federal Reserve rates.

You can also effort out the foreign currency or forex market every bit a binary trader. Though forex trading may cost more this manner, you accept the benefit of a loss cap so you tin can try information technology without major risk.

CBOE provides options based on the Southward&P 500 and the CBOE Volatility Alphabetize.

When information technology comes to trading binary options, your choices are almost limitless. Practice some market research and report the data. Pick an asset that intrigues you and has solid potential returns. Build a little knowledge and understanding of the asset and you’re ready to go.

Choose Your Investment Amount

How much capital are yous willing to wager in the binary options game? With binary, yous are faced with a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that the more than you invest, the higher your potential profit. The bad news is that yous stand to lose your full trade amount depending on the issue. You need to decide what amount of money you can stand to lose while making certain you invest enough for sufficient binary trades and worthwhile payout.

Choose Your Death Time

Recall of the expiry fourth dimension every bit the binary selection finish line. Information technology’s the moment the trade ends and it determines whether you made a turn a profit or lost your investment.

Expiry times vary from 30 seconds to the stop of day, clear upwards to 1 twelvemonth. Investors consider an expiry time of less than five minutes equally short-term or “turbo.” Five minutes to the end of day, or the closing time for the underlying asset, is classified as a normal expiry time. Annihilation longer than the end of day is classified equally long-term.

Think near your trading fashion and goals. Do you lot want to make a agglomeration of trades and increase your profit potential? Are you more deliberate with the goal of trading accuracy over quantity?

If you’re a beginning brusque-term trader, you should consider 30-second and 60-2d expiry times, in addition to end-of-solar day expiration. Be sure to counterbalance trade volume vs. price movement when making your decision.

Select Call/Put to Predict Market place Direction

This is your binary moment of truth. You need to decide whether the value of your chosen nugget will increase or decrease. Call back, this is all or nothing, a win/lose proposition. That’s the nature of binary options. It’s time to hitting the button on your device and hope your prediction is correct.

Last Thoughts – Is Trading Binary Options Right For You?

Trading binary options is a quick style to make some extra cash without the take chances that comes with other trade options. This class of trading is straightforward, easier to understand than other products, and offers quick turn-around times, making it a popular activity for traders worldwide.

Binary options brokers simplify the process of buying and selling your binary options products. These platforms are user-friendly, offer sizable bonuses and rewards for making accounts, and assistance new traders larn more than about the options-trading process before they begin.

If you’re new to the earth of options trading, you won’t observe a better way to ease into the market than with binary options. And if you’re familiar with several types of trading, you may find that binary options are a breath of fresh air compared to more complicated merchandise types.

Choosing any of the regulated binary options brokers we reviewed above will put you in an excellent position to begin making profits off your trades. Give binary trading a try today—it could be the perfect way to boost your income.
5 Best Binary Options Brokers and Trading Platforms of 2022