Trading S&p 500 Binary Options


Charting & Analytics. Models & Algos. Social club Routing. Compliance. Reporting. IN ONE Place, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

Desktop Platform

Clarify, TEST, TRADE – AND Annihilation IN Betwixt

  • Multi-Feed Capable

  • Order Routing

    Post trades for single accounts, business relationship groups or execution profiles. Trade from charts, from an society dialog or even engage a trade automation function to run your algos.

  • Smart Quotes

    Create and manage symbols and symbol groups by
    drag and drop. Fully customize the column structure to include fifty-fifty
    on-the-fly scripts, algos and custom indicators. Apply cell-by-prison cell, total row, full column or table broad conditional formatting.

  • Advanced Charting

    advanced market analysis
    on single or composite symbols. Savour hundreds of built-in technical studies,  custom studies, fundamental studies, chart tools and annotations,

    customizable templates and color themes, avant-garde algorithmic trading visuals, a total trading integration package and much more.

  • Order Routing

    Trade directly from charts. Availableunmarried or cross feed order routing
    for all popular order types and flags. View trades, orders and positions on detachable charts that tin can be laid in whatsoever custom format on whatsoever pixel infinite.

  • Scripting Linguistic communication

    Nil learning curve scripting language
    to build any custom study, expert adviser or trading system you desire. Use thelawmaking editor
    to write your ain scripts or thelawmaking wizard
    to build your scripts using a drag and drop interface.

  • Algo Trading

    simple, four-step algorithms
    to buy long / sell short and exit long / get out short based on any desired criteria. Createloop trading systems of any desired complexity
    involving fully customizable logical sequences.

  • Portfolio Systems

    Analyze portfolios based on any quantitative property or combinations of such properties thereof. Understand relative strength equally it results from the avant-garde
    Portfolio Matrix.Model
    relative strength curves
    to create objective inclusion-exclusion criteria.

  • Relative Rotation Graphs

    Unique Relative
    Rotation Graphs (RRGs) to assess and depict patterns of relative strength in related or unrelated markets in an aesthetically appealing and easy to understand manner.

  • Disinterestedness Valuation Studies

    Unique SVA StudiesTM for side-by-side behavioral and cardinal analysis conducted simultaneously on the stock cost and the visitor’s balance canvass data. Easy-to-understand
    intrinsic value, valuation multiples and projected business firm stability.

  • Event Scheduler

    data downloading
    or other module runs at specific time intervals, at pre-defined times of the day or in specific sequences.

  • Premium News

    Savor premium
    Benzinga News
    with the IQFeed data bundle.

  • Instrument Console

    All your server-based or customized symbol lists
    for all
    streaming, local, downloaded or composite symbol
    in i place.

  • Portfolio Panel

    Connectivity with major custodial and broker-dealer brands to import, view, clarify and re-residual all portfolios you manage. Integrate with a versatile CRM / PMS to fully streamline your front end, middle and back-office processes.

  • Organizer

    Save and migrate
    all your filesand piece of work
    from 1 estimator to another
    in mere minutes.  Countersign protect the individual elements and/or the packages themselves. Develop ideas to merchandise them or to sell them in your community with complete encryption protection.

  • Redundancy Utility

    Automatically save all your S-Trader files, including templates and settings, to pre-determined local or cloud locations upon exiting.
    Hands restore
    the S-Trader
    within minutes
    in the effect of migration, hardware crash or app re-install.

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S-Trader Desktop Platform
Licence Families

Y’all tin can choose from three Southward-Trader license families to perfectly match your trading technology needs with the scope of your trading interests.

ADVISER EDITIONS: Analytics, Multiple & Master Account Trading, Compliance

STRATEGY Developer: Analytics, Trading to Individual & Atomic number 82 Accounts

TRADER: Analytics & Individual Account Trading

You lot tin can further choose from five S-Trader license types to perfectly match your needs with your budget.

Multiple billing cycle options offer the correct balance of convenience and savings.

BASIC: Historical & Local Information

Cadre: Single Streaming Data Feed

ADVANCED: Single Streaming Feed & Society Routing

VERSATILE: Multiple Streaming Data Feeds

ULTIMATE: Multiple Streaming Data Feeds & Cross-Feed Order Routing

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