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Kanal / Channel

Kanal adalah indikator mengikuti tren berpita, biasanya terlambat, dengan garis atas dan bawah, dengan jarak yang sama dari garis ditengahnya (biasanya disebut dengan titik tengah). Area yang berada diantara garis-garis tersebut adalah kanalnya. Umumnya digunakan untuk periode harian namun dapat befungsi pada periode manapun. Penggunannya cukup mudah untuk dipahami. Breakout dari garis atas atau bawah -yang sebetulnya cukup jarang- mengindikasikan sinyal trading yang memungkinkan berdasarkan kekuatan atau kelemahan yang berlebih.

Kondisi overbought dan oversold dapat muncul saat harga mencapai baik garis atas maupun bawahnya. Kanal dengan pergerakan menyamping dengan harga yang ber-osilasi disekitar titik tengahnya mengidentifikasikan tren yang mendatar. Terdapat beberapa jenis indikator kanal, biasanya dinamakan sesuai dengan nama penciptanya, seperti Kanal Donchian, Kanal Keltner dan kanal-kanal harga lainnya. Beragam modifikasi dapat dibuat pada masing-masingnya dan untuk mengurangi jumlah dari sinyal-sinyal palsu maka kanal dapat digunakan secara kombinasi dengan indikator-indikator lainnya.


VDUB_BINARY_PRO_3_V2 – FINAL *stripped out a couple of things from V1 – found it was to noisy *added Baseline_VX1 *switch period channels around *zigzag Optional- set middle band to ’34 to run heart line other indicators to include MACD_VX1 Stoch_VX3


//1.Purchase when all iii lines are become Red to Green or xanthous and comprehend the position even one light-green get Ruddy line next //ii.Sell when all the 3 line are become red and cove the position even one line become scarlet to Greenish or yellow.

EURUSD: Transient Zones v1.1

Uncomplicated indicator to visualize Transient Zones (TZ) and Potential Transient Zones (PTZ). The last 3 numbers in the header stand for: probability of true TZ (black), probability of PTZ (navy) and probability of PTZ resolving (grey). Original ForexFactory thread by EURUSDD world wide Version 1.1: – Added TZ/PTZ occurrence probability cheers to…

EURUSD: Traders Dynamic Index Indicator Alert v0.1 by JustUncleL

This is a trend trading indicator+alert utilising the Traders Dynamic Index (TDI), Price Activeness Channel (PAC) and Heikin Ashi candles. Well-nigh 6months ago I came across the apply of TDI in “E.A.Due south.Y. Method” that I found in forexfactory forums: world wide and I was able to gear up a chart based on the specifications by using Kurbelklaus scripts. However, I…

AUDUSD: Price Action Channel Master by JustUncleL

This indicator combines a number of PAC types into one indicator and will replace some of my previously PAC scripts (some were not published). It draws a Moving Average (MA) aqueduct based on various boundary criteria. Fifty-fifty though the MA choices are not express to SMA and EMA, these would be the your first choices with most PAC requirements, feel free to experiment…

BTCUSD: Monte Carlo Range Forecast [DW]

This is an experimental written report designed to forecast the range of price movement from a specified starting signal using a Monte Carlo simulation. Monte Carlo experiments are a wide form of computational algorithms that utilize random sampling to derive existent world numerical results. These types of algorithms have a number of applications in numerous fields of study…

BTCUSD: Regression Channel [DW]

This is an experimental study which calculates a linear regression aqueduct over a specified period or interval using custom moving average types for its calculations. Linear regression is a linear approach to modeling the relationship betwixt a dependent variable and ane or more independent variables. In linear regression, the relationships are modeled using…

BTCUSD: Polynomial Regression Bands + Channel [DW]

This is an experimental written report designed to calculate polynomial regression for any order polynomial that Tv is able to support. This study aims to brainwash users on polynomial curve fitting, and the derivation process of Least Squares Moving Averages (LSMAs). I also designed this study with the intent of showcasing some of the capabilities and potential applications…

CL1!: CM Pivot Bands V1

CM_Pivot Bands V1 Special Cheers to Michael South for Introducing Lawmaking. Instead of a Long Write Upwards I Recorded A Video Going Into Detail On V1 Of This Indicator. Please View To See My Initial Findings, My Thoughts For V2, And Items I Need YOUR Help With!!! In Inputs Tab Indicator Has Ability to Plough On/Off Multiple TimeFrames…Thought Process Explained In…

BTCUSD: Hurst Cycle Channel Clone [LazyBear]

Wheel Channel is loosely based on Hurst’s nested channels. Basic idea is to identify and highlight the shorter cycles, in the context of higher degree cycles. This indicator plots the shorter term (red) & medium term (green) cycles as channels. Some things to note: Equally you lot tin can encounter the ruby-red channel keeps moving with in the premises of green channel. When green…

BTCUSDT: Donchian Channel Strategy [for free bot]

I present to you a script for testing the Donchian channel breakout strategy for the Binance_exchange. This strategy is trending, and is especially effective for trading cryptocurrency futures. This strategy is very flexible, and you tin configure virtually all possible parameters, moreover, separately for longs and separately for shorts. In the script, yous can…

EURUSD: LR Channel

Script draws actual positions of linear regression aqueduct boundaries and doesn’t repaint. Green lines color – for a positive slope of standard linear regression channel, red – for a negative slope.

LTCUSD: Price Channel v2

Added parameters for source of highest and lowest line. It’s usefull for ultra volatile markets like cryptocurrencies and penny stocks. Using shut price equally source helps to filter out false breakout signals in turtle trading strategy.

USOIL: Highest/Lowest Channel Multi-Time Frame

Plots the Highest and Lowest source price for N bars back. Similar to Donchian Channels except any price source tin be used (best results: close ). Tin exist gear up to whatsoever interval independent of the nautical chart interval. Repainting volition occur if the chart interval is less than the indicator interval.

BTCUSD: KK_Price Action Channel (TDI BH)

Hey guys, this little script is an improver to another ane I will release right after this. This is the Toll Action Channel. The bands are calculated using a smoothed moving boilerplate of the highs/lows. I have taken the smoothed moving average script from the public library in order to create this, so all props to whoever created that one. I am fairly new to…


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