Using Bollinger Bands For Binary Options

Whether y’all want to brand a brusk-term or long-term trade, it’due south essential to arm yourself with the correct trading strategy for increasing trade profitability. Having a detailed trading strategy decreases the hazard of losing money and increases confidence.

But which trading strategy should you choose? Well, you can consider using the Bollinger Bands trading strategy because it’southward easy to utilise. The simplicity of this strategy makes it manageable for traders to get a ameliorate understanding of the market.

Below are some of the details of this strategy that will assist you sympathise how to calculate Bollinger Bands, how you can trade with this strategy, and what its limitations are.

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What is the Bollinger Bands trading strategy?

Bollinger Bands is an essential trading tool that makes binary options trading simple, effective, and quick. With the help of this simple-to-understand tool, you can easily predict the market in a few seconds.

John Bollinger created this trading strategy. Bollinger Bands works by forming a channel effectually price motility. Here, the aqueduct is based on moving price average and standard deviation.

This trading indicator is by and large used for brusque-term trading. That’due south because Bollinger Bands indicates low market place volatility. Also, it gives a signal when the market starts moving.

The work of Bollinger Bands indicator is to predict the cost of the market on the basis of by marketplace data. Bollinger Bands represents data by drawing three lines after analyzing, aggregating, and calculating the past records. These three lines are known as bands.


An upper line

The upper line in the trading nautical chart is the upper end of the predicted range. It is a result of the standard deviation plus moving average. The sum is then multiplied by a cistron. Hither, the upper line works as a strong resistance.

A lower line

The lower line in the nautical chart results from standard deviation minus moving average and multiplied past a factor.

In the chart, the lower line represents the lower end of the predicted range. Also, it works as strong back up.

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A center line

Lastly, you lot will encounter a center line, which is mainline. The middle line in the chart is the moving average, and it acts as an additional barrier.

This line works as support when the marketplace is trading below. Also, it acts as a resistance when the market is trading above.

The Bollinger lines predict three things.

  • It shows whether the trading market volition stay inside the outer lines or not.
  • Next, it shows that when the market reaches the heart line, it will slow downwards. But sooner, the line will breakthrough.
  • Lastly, the lines point that when the market moves betwixt two lines, the move will continue until information technology reaches some other line.

In elementary terms, the work of Bollinger Bands is to assist the traders sympathise when the right time is to enter and get out the marketplace. It is washed by analyzing the asset- whether it’s oversold or overbought.

What practice the Bollinger Bands tell you lot?

Bollinger Bands is 1 of the few popular trading techniques that both new and experienced traders tin use. This technical analysis tool is nevertheless continuing stiff because it’due south non complicated similar other trading indicators.

If the price of an nugget in the market is moving close to the lower band, it means oversold. Similarly, if the cost is almost the upper band, it indicates overbought. Additionally, when the market is less volatile, the band contracts. And when the marketplace is more than volatile, information technology widens.


Bollinger Bands squeeze

Squeeze is one of the concepts of Bollinger Bands. Squeezing happens when bands come closer. When y’all observe a squeeze in the market, yous can conclude that market volatility is less.

Many traders like this state of affairs because they believe clasp indicates future trading opportunities and increases marketplace volatility. Moreover, if the band moves apart, it decreases volatility and offers splendid trading possibilities.

One thing you must remember is that the bands do not requite any kind of trading betoken. That means information technology’s difficult to empathize when the alter will take place.


Bollinger Bands breakout

The price movement of an asset takes place between 2 bands. That’s why when there is a breakout, it is observed as a major outcome.

Although breakout in Bollinger Bands is seen as a significant event, it’s non a trading signal. Then, when there is a breakout, you lot should not rush to buy or sell assets,

How to calculate Bollinger Bands?

For calculating Bollinger Bands, you need to effigy out the moving boilerplate of 20 days. The closing prices for the start 20 days are the first data point. Additionally, the next data signal volition be the earliest cost drop, i.e., the toll of solar day 21 and the following days.

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Here’s a simple formula for calculating Bollinger Bands.

BOLU=MA(TP,north)+m∗σ[TP,due north]


BOLU is upper Bollinger Band.

BOLD is lower Bollinger Band.

MA is moving average.

TP is typical price, i.e., (high + depression + shut) divided by iii.

n is the number of days in the smoothening menstruum.

thou is standard deviations.

σ[TP,due north] is standard deviations of the last n period of TP.

Using this formula, you tin easily calculate Bollinger Bands and use it for binary options trading.

How do Bollinger Bands piece of work?

Here’south a quick example to understand how Bollinger Bands work.

Let’southward assume that the cost of fruit is $ten. After a while, its toll suddenly increased to $11. When the toll suddenly increased, simply a few people purchased it. That’s why the price of a particular fruit came back to $10.

Similarly, if the toll of that fruit suddenly drops to $9, its demand will increase. The surge in need for the fruit will once more bring its price back to $x.

Through these examples, yous can conclude that a sudden change in the toll of an nugget is temporary. That’s why there is always a slow modify in the cost over fourth dimension.

What Bollinger Bands does is that it reflects this assumption. This trading indicator adapts dynamically to the price change in the marketplace. The cost change of assets also changes its volatility.

Here, the heart line, i.eastward., moving boilerplate,
indicates long-term price modify. On the other manus, lower and upper lines create a infinite where price fluctuates.

So, when the cost moves towards the upper band, you can sympathise that the
asset is getting expensive.
And if it moves towards the lower band, it becomes inexpensive.

In curt, Bollinger Bands helps in understanding marketplace psychology. When you accept a better market place understanding, you make better investments.

Why should you lot use Bollinger Bands with Binary Options?

Equally you lot know how Bollinger Bands works, let’s see why you lot should use them. Here are iv reasons to use this trading tool.

New trading opportunities

When the price of an asset approaches one of the Bollinger Bands, it shows how the trading market is behaving. This information can assist yous find new trading opportunities.

Make more money

With the help of Bollinger Bands, yous can understand how far the trading market is capable of moving. When making a merchandise, you tin can further use this prediction with binary options similar one-touch options and ladder options.

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So, by using the predictions of Bollinger Bands, yous can plow an ordinary trading opportunity into a assisting one.

Avoid bad trades

The binary options market is volatile, and information technology can surprise you when you are least expecting any changes. But you can go on yourself safe from making bad trading decisions.

For this, you don’t necessarily accept to use Bollinger Bands. You can simply understand how different lines work in this trading tool. When you lot accept this information, you tin hands avoid bad trades.

Information technology is simple

Bollinger Bands is a simple trading indicator that can help y’all do a technical analysis of the binary options trading market. You can have a quick expect at the chart to understand the marketplace through Bollinger Bands.

Not to mention that you tin exercise the complete market analysis in just a few seconds. That’s why traders use Bollinger Bands for short-term trades.

How to trade with Bollinger Bands?

Here are iii smart ways to merchandise binary options with Bollinger Bands.

Bullish Breakout

Bollinger Bands forms a bullish breakout when the market cost of an asset closes in a higher place the upper line in Bollinger. When y’all discover this breakout, yous can opt for a telephone call option.

Bearish Breakout

Bollinger Bands forms a bearish breakout pattern when the toll closes beneath the lower line. In this example, you can place a put selection.

Range Market

Bollinger Bands forms a range market when the price of an nugget stays within the range style. If the price remains within the range for a while, you can win a trade.

Limitations of Bollinger Bands trading strategy

While Bollinger Bands has multiple advantages, in that location are certain limitations as well.

  • Bollinger Bands is express to merely one indicator. That means you must use this trading tool with a few other indicators for generating an authentic issue.
  • It does not offer well-detailed market data all the time.


Bollinger Bands is more than of a tool than a trading indicator. And simply like other tools, even it has some flaws. Just information technology is one of the finest tools that you can employ to empathise the market’south behavior.

Y’all can thoroughly understand the Bollinger Bands formula and what its lines represent to notice improve trading opportunities.

As well, to get better results, you tin use Bollinger Bands with some of the leading brokers like Quotex, IQ Option,, and RaceOption.