Volatility has ruled the markets since the UK referendum on June 23rd 2016.

Brexit isn’t the only state of affairs causing dubiety in the equities markets and I expect the markets to remain volatile for the foreseeable time to come.

Outcome of the referendum

More than 30 million people voted and the turnout for the referendum was 71.8%. Everyone of voting age in the Britain was allowed to vote on whether the United Kingdom should leave the European Spousal relationship (EU).

“Leave” ended up winning the vote by a close margin (52% vs. 48%). Voters in England (53.4% vs. 46.6%) and Wales (52.five% vs. 47.five%) supported leaving the EU, while Scotland (62% vs. 38%) and Northern Republic of ireland (55.8% vs. 44.2%) supported staying in the EU. At that place was a clear dissever across the Great britain leading up to the referendum date.

What’due south side by side?

David Cameron has stepped downward and Theresa May is the new prime government minister. The Britain has to invoke “Article l of the Lisbon Treaty” to initiate the split. Afterwards invoking Commodity 50 of the Lisbon Treaty the Britain and Eu volition have two years to negotiate the carve up and agree to terms, which means there is no immediate risks.

Mrs. May has already stated that she won’t begin the process before the end of 2016. It has been suggested that the UK could finalize the separate with the EU by December 2018, but that’s only speculation. It could take years before Brexit is finalized, which means the markets will likely remain volatile on whatever big Brexit news.

How are markets reacting?

Initially, Brexit caused massive losses across global equity markets. An estimated $3 trillion of value was erased within weeks afterwards the vote, but the majority of shares take already rebounded to pre-Brexit highs. The value of a pound remains down confronting other major currencies and a quick rebound is unlikely.

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Trading binary options in volatile markets

New to binary options? Learn well-nigh binary option brokers earlier y’all start trading.

We don’t endorse jumping out of markets. Rather, nosotros recommend sticking to your long-term trading plan. All the same, with the market volatility were experiencing, at that place’due south profit to be made with binary options. When you trade binary options, you’re predicting where the market place will move (Upwards/Down) in a predetermined amount of fourth dimension (IE: 24 Hours).

There are binary options that expire in as little as a minute, just timing the market on short expiry times is tougher than longer expiry times (ane-24 Hours). Yet, if your charts are showing a stiff trend, short decease binary options take a better payout percent, which means you’ll make a bigger profit on your winning trades.

The good matter about binary options in volatile markets is that you know what your exact run a risk is on every trade, whereas with other trading instruments your exposure is more than the initial investment amount. This rings peculiarly true if you lot merchandise leveraged instruments. Yous can besides utilize binary options to hedge volatile news.

Traders tin expect a lot of market movements’ mail-Brexit and vigilant traders will take reward of the opportunities that are presented to them. If you trade currencies with your binary option broker nosotros advise you to be cautious. The GBP is one of the world’southward major currencies and there’s a lot of doubt on the forcefulness of the currency.

To conclude, Brexit isn’t going to be wrapped up someday soon and markets will remain afflicted. Make certain you adjust your trading plan and look to benefit from market volatility in one case y’all feel comfy with the management of prices.

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